Vibratory Surface Finishing
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    Kromas vibratory finishing machines are all around, flexible and efficient machines. Variety of industries are using Kromas machines successfully on daily basis. Vibratory finishing machines are used for finishing of metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, glass, wood and rubber products. Vibratory finishing process includes: deburring, radiusing, polishing, descaling, deflashing, degreasing, cleaning, smoothing etc.

    Small or large, light or heavy, parts are successfully processed in variety of Kromas vibratory machines. Kromas customers benefits from large variety of material handling, automatic solution, drying and waste water treatment systems available to enhance their new or existing processes.

    Kromaş effective surface finishing solutions are developed at in-house test laboratory. We chose and offer value-added surface finishing solutions from our thousands of processes to all of our customers. We also develop new processes and products for special needs of our customers at our laboratory with our experts. As Kromaş, we develop optimum and most economic machine systems, consumables and processes according to our customers’ needs. With correctly chosen high quality machines and high quality consumables, we offer low production costs and long service life to our customers.

    We have media separation system between VRM 125 – VRM 1000 machines.


    General Specs

    • PU LINING: The machines are lined with wear resistant, high quality elastomer polyurethan.
    • VIBRATION MOTOR: Our own design vibration motors have high performance because of working with direct drive and having steel body, special imported bearings and external oiling system.
    • VIBRATION ADJUSTMENT: Vibration amplitude can be observed from the vibration gauge on the bowl. Required vibration can be obtained by adjusting the weights. If an optional frequency converter is installed vibration and processing speed can also be controlled from the control panel.
    • STRESS RELIEVING: All vibrating parts, in particular the metal bowl, are heat treated (normalized) during construction to avoid any stress fractures or metal fatigue due to the vibratory process.
    • SHOT PEENING: All metal surfaces are shot peened for the added strength prior to lining and painting.
    • PAINT: After painting with epoxy primer and epoxy steel filler, the surfaces are than sprayed with two coats of epoxy paint and then oven treated.
    • SEPARATORS: Media separators are made of long lasting polyurethane. Media separators for broken or undersized media are made of Stainless Steel. Separators can be changed easily and quickly in less than a minute.
    • SUSPENSION: VLong life PU and steel springs are used in the vibratory machines. PU springs are used in models VM 125 and VM 250.
    • NOISE ISOLATION: The machines are the quietest vibratory machines on the market and if necessary optional acoustic lid or sound isolation cabin can be supplied. 
    • PLC CONTROL PANEL: Designed to work with automation surface finishing systems and obtains full process control.
  • Round Vibratory Machines / 310 Kb. 
  • Through Vibratory Machines

    From 20 litres to 2200 liters, Kromaş is manufacturing Trough Vibrators with variety of dimensions as standard production. Parts up to 2200 mm and bigger, can be processed in plastic or ceramic media, or with ball burnishing vibratory process. Trough vibrators are ideal for processing of heavy, long, bulky or delicate components which allow unlimited application possibilities.

    Drive motors are mounted under the machine, directly to the bottom of the processing tub. Also, larger capacity units are driven by two motors mounted on the side of the tub. Drive motors and imbalance units are connected with unique vibration absorbing couplings.

    Processing Tub can be divided into individual compartment. This is important for processing of delicate parts. Compartment can be filled with different media for step processing as well. Acoustic protection/ sound covers are available and listed separately.

    Through vibratory machines are mostly used at automotive, aerospace, natural stone and wood industries.


    VM 375 Y
    Capacity: 375 lt.
    VM 150 Y
    Capacity: 150 lt.
    VM 20 Y GR
    Capacity: 20 lt.
  • Through Vibratory Machines / 402 Kb. 
  • Linear Vibratory Machines

    Kromaş linear vibratory machines allowing unlimited application possibilities. Kromaş is manufacturing different sizes of linear machines for special operations with manuel and pneumatic parts unloading and separation process. Manual and pneumatic noise protection covers are listed as optional machine equipment .

    High production capacity, high profit and endless automation possibilities are characteristic features of Kromaş LNR continual machines.

    LNR systems can successfully make process that requires deburring, radisuing, cutting of angles, de-oiling, grinding.

    Kromaş LNR system provides unrivaled process security.

  • Linear Vibratory Machines / 447 Kb. 
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