Automotive Industry

The solutions we offer for many of our partners in the automotive sector, where standardization in production lines and timely and quality production are of high importance, are used successfully all over the world. Our systems, equipped with high technology and allowing you to produce at standard quality at all times, guarantee your product quality with surface treatment solutions suitable for many parts and equipment used in the automotive industry, such as engine, transmission components, safety elements, accessories and so on. You can see that the solution you need has been produced before by Kromaş.

Defense and Aerospace Industry

Expectations of many large companies in the Defense and Aerospace industry from the supplier they receive service are high material competence and minimum production tolerance. Kromas offers a full service for all surface treatments of equipment such as turbines, landing gears, structural parts. With the surface treatment of these important aerospace parts, material fatigue can be delayed for a long time and the life of the part is extended. You can ideally process parts such as turbine blades, propellers and stators, which enable vehicles to consume less fuel, reduce temperature limits and improve performance such as low metal wear, with process solutions produced by Kromaş.

Natural Stone Industry

Many different machines which we have developed to meet the needs of the marble sector, have been used for very long time of period in the industry's most important businesses in Turkey and in the world. In line with the expectations of the sector, we produce solutions for our partners with many processes such as aging and corner rounding.

Jewelry Industry

Precious and delicate metals (gold, silver and stone products) produced in the jewelery industry must reach high gloss accurately and safely. Manual polishing processes disrupt the quality standardization of the product and cause high costs. In addition, it is necessary to minimize the loss of weigh during the processing of precious metals. In order to eliminate all these problems, as Kromaş, we offer our customers suitable machinery, consumables and processes to add the desired quality, aesthetics and value to the surface.

Textile Accessories

We become a solution partner to our customers with deburring, surface smoothing and polishing processes of many textile accessories such as Metal buttons, snaps, rivets, hooks, zipper pulls, etc. before and after production, we support them to reach the quality standard expected by many global textile companies with Kromaş machinery and consumables.

Medical Industry

As Kromaş, we produce guaranteed solutions for spectacular surface quality expectations on parts with high precision and complex geometries in medical industry. Many parts such as surgical equipment, dental implants, prostheses or bone screws take their final form after the touch of our surface treatment solutions.

Additive Manufacturing

With 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing), which is seen as the production technology of the future in many industries, it is possible to easily integrate complex functions and quickly produce complex and / or customized components without the need for expensive tools.

The products and services we offer in the field of surface treatment of additive manufacturing are as follows:


  • Media
  • Pastes
  • Compounds
  • Process Development
  • Quality Control
  • Appropriate Consumables


  • Optimization of design data according to the desired surface finishing
  • Automation after process

Machinery - Equipment

  • Machines
  • Automation
  • Integration to product processes


  • Abrasives
  • Pastes
  • Compounds

We support you both during production processes and after production with our products and machines that provide the optimum benefit needed for the stages in achieving the desired surface quality and we become your solution partner.

Material: Plastic and Metal

Main Industries: Aerospace, Automotiv, Medical/Dental, Home Appliances, General Industry

Other Industries

Machine and automation systems designed by our competent R&D teams of Kromaş serve successfully and create value all over the world in order to achieve the desired surface quality in parts produced in gastronomy, casting/forging, hardware, lighting, furniture, electric/electronic, kitchenware, plastic, bearing/ball, motor/generator and many other industry.