Kromaş Cold Pu Kits


On-Site Application Without Time Loss

Cold Polyurethane, a special coating method, is a fast and effective process that can harden in 24-48 hours at room temperature without the need for an oven and does not require any mold.

Molds and industrial furnaces are needed to make full or local coatings in vibratory surface treatment machines. For this reason, the machines must be removed from the production areas for this process. This means loss of time and work and, of course, costs. With the Cold Polyurethane Kits offered by Kromaş, the coating process is carried out quickly and at low cost.

  • No need of mold.
  • No need for industrial furnaces
  • No delivery cost or time.
  • No labor and service cost.
  • Fast, Practical and On-Site Application
  • Competitive Price - High Performance
  • Suitable for Every Brand and Model Machine

Polyurethane Application


  1. What is the operating time of the coated surface?

    The operating time of the coated surface may vary depending on the usage pattern and the coated surface. Surface cleaning should be done correctly and dust, dirt, oil, etc. should not remain on the surface; adhesion of the polyurethane should be increased by increasing the surface roughness. If the surface is polyurethane, Pu - pu adhesive, if it is metal, metal-pu adhesive should definitely be applied correctly.
  2. How can I adjust the temperature of Polyurethane and PU Former?

    Polyurethane should come in a fluid form that can be mixed easily. Pu Former should be heated until it becomes a homogeneous liquid mixture.
  3. In how long should it be poured after making the mixture?

    When PU Former and Polyurethane are mixed homogeneously, they should be poured within 5 minutes maximum. It should not be done after the freezing process has taken place.
  4. Do I need to use paste and/or plate for every surface?

    This requirement is determined according to the needs of the area. It may be necessary to use it to restrict the mixture from reaching the surrounding surfaces of the area to be poured.
  5. After the PU Former and Polyurethane mixture is made, can the remaining mixture be used later?

    After mixing, it should be poured within 5 minutes. Since the curing process will take place for the remaining mixture (it will harden), it cannot be used later.
  6. What is the shelf life of the Cold PU Kit?

    The product should be used within 1 year maximum from the date it is received.
  7. How long after coating can the surface be used?

    The surface is ready for use again 72 hours after the coating process.