Kromaş, which adds value to our life and provides brightness, aesthetics and functionality to many things we touch, see and use, with its machinery and technology, was established in 1993 as the pioneer of the surface treatment industry in Turkey. Kromaş, continues to work in an effort to make life easier and more enjoyable with the technologies and solutions it offers in surface processing.

The company describes the purpose of the technologies and solutions it produces as improving the surface of the parts it uses in our lives and adding value. Without being limited to these, we can summarize the desired results to be obtained in machines and processes as follows:

  • Surface polishing
  • Deburring
  • Edge Raduising
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Degreasing
  • Natural Stone Surface Aging
  • Surface Roughening before coating

In addition to making the necessary technology and machinery production on its own in order to do these operations, it also carries out the production and development of consumables over 2000 kinds which are used for these operations in its own laboratories and production facilities.

The machinery and consumables produced by Kromaş are successfully used in over 5,000 factories in 5 continents and 87 countries. Many of the more than 3,000 surface treatment processes developed by Kromaş are effectively applied in the world without any alternatives. Kromaş, which has ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certificate also has CE certifications received from the world major inspection organizations for all machinery groups.

Kromaş, whose main approach is to add value to its customers and make life easier has made this philosophy a corporate culture with the motto of; “Better Surfaces for Life”; and has been continuing to develop it.


In surface finishing technologies;

To contribute to the production of better surfaces for life in all fields of life, To become leading company of Turkey and one of the few companies in the world, preferred by the customers with the quality and performance products and perfect service offered in Surface Finishing Technologies .


In line with Kromaş's values and strategies;

To develop, produce and offer high quality surface finishing machines, consumables and processes to our customers in order to produce environmentally friendly solutions that meet the various surface finishing expectations of our customers and add value to their work pieces.


  • Customer Orientation

  • Having Indulgence

  • Contnious development

  • Beliving in teamwork

  • Becoming enviroment and society friendly

  • Being trustworthy

  • Being innovative

  • Being Honest

  • Being fair


    All employees, top management in particular, of our organization operating about the design, production, sales and after sales services of Mass Finishing Machines; the production and sales of Mass Finishing Consumables, are committed to adopt

    • Maintaining and developing the quality not by chance but with systematic activities and common contribution of all employees by courtesy of Quality Management System,
    • Enhancing the customer satisfaction level with the quality of products and services,
    • Maintaining training activities for increasing our employees’ quality knowledge and conscious in order to sustain our principle “make it right for the first time and every time”,
    • Assuring the conformity of our products and services to our customer’s request, national and international standards, local legislations and legal legislations in the countries we are selling and providing continuity of it,
    • Improving our quality management system’s efficiency continuously by looking over it periodically

    as our corporate quality policy.