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Metal and Plastic Industry
Natural Stone Industry
Jewellery Industry

Marble 2013 - 19. International Natural Stone and Technologies Exhibition
Outdoor Area. Stand No. 26. Across Hall 2. 27 - 30 March 2013 Izmir/Turkey

Kromas is building New 7.000 m2 Manufacturing Plant
Kromas, in addition to the existing plant, is building a new 7.0002 manufacturing plant in Istanbul-Hadimköy. New plant construction is continuing and will be operational by the end of August 2011...

Krom-X Process
Kromas, is occupied in the sector of surface finishing and develops process studies with an advanced R&D team. “Surface finishing” is one of the most important process in the industrial manufacturing. The new Krom-X® processes..

Epoxy - Storey Curing Oven - Slab Reinforcement Lines
Wide cracks, capillary cracks and holes on natural stones require chemical treatment of the product. Since long processes bring forth time and waste risks, the systems in which we implement processes with rapidity and strength advantages, provides b..

Full Automation Mosaic Production Line
Dimensions: 1x1 cm ~ 5x5 cm Capacity: 150 ~ 300 m2 / 8 hours - Patented Technology - Full Automatic Process - 14 personel in 1 shift - Fast Ageing Process (1 min. to 5 min.) - Removal of Sawing Marks - No need to choose correct side - ..

Automatic Mosaic Netting Machine
Unique Netting Technology! Specifications: - Full automatic mesh/net supply - Automatic chemical application on the mesh/net - Automatic cutting of the mesh/net and place over the mould/cassette - U.V. based resin or water based white glue can b..

Rim Process
New Rim Polishing Process Our new rim polishing processes removes the marks on the surface and provides high polishing surface. Special abrasive and polishing chips and compounds provide short process time. Please contact us for more det..
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